Bio | Benjamin Shafer

Benjamin Shafer has spent 16 years of his life playing, creating, writing, and performing music. His goal however is not to simply create music but to provide an avenue for people across the world to worship Jesus through it. God has placed a song on Ben’s heart and he is striving to lay out that song for people to hear. Growing up as a preachers kid in a small town in the middle of Nebraska, Ben found his self drawn to ministry at an early age. He was drawn to the call of God no matter what his circumstances.

In the year 2000 he was involved with a Christian band called “Twelve Pearls” based in Kearney, NE ending in 2004. Then in the winter of 2004, he formed a dynamic Christian band called “Tenth Hour Calling,” ending in 2005. Coming out with three albums and writing many songs he continues his musical career in 2013 as a worship leader/pastor in Omaha Nebraska at Westside Church. There he enjoys the opportunity to lead his church family in worship every weekend. Ben’s heart is to see people come to know how deep, how great, and how wide the love of God truly is. He, like all Christians, want to see the world come to a realization of how great God is and to experience the Holy Spirit. Ben really believes that every person has a call and a mission for their life and that God wants to reveal that to them. Ben strives to provide and avenue for people to worship the Lord and to sing a new song to their creator in worship, while providing professional entertaining performances that change your life and inspire you in your faith. Ben's true passion is not only to express himself as an artist but also to serve other artists. Mentoring and training the next generation of worship leaders weighs heavy on his heart and that is what has led him to start up a non-profit organization called "The 402 Arts Collective". It's a network of servant artists who are dedicated and passionate about impacting the culture through creative expression and art, specifically through education, mentoring, performance.  You can find more information about the 402 Arts Collective by visiting their website at:

Ben’s musical influences are an eclectic mix and include aspects of many styles such as; rock, jazz, classical, gospel, folk, and others. Benjamin seeks to satisfy the musical tastes of a broad audience with a unique blend of mainstream and unique music solidified by his technical prowess. 

His most recent project co-written and produced with John Waller and Jason Hoard at Bad Cat Studios, Named "Sons & Daughters" is one that he hopes God will use across the world to engage people in worship and truly be able to "put language" to their feelings about Jesus. Ben is not out to make a name for himself, nor is he wanting to make lots of money, he simply wants to encourage people to worship Jesus in song and with their lives. He hopes that the songs will inspire and encourage people to seek, find, and live out the purposes for their lives.

Before the music, the art, the songs, and the ministry, it is clear his true delight and priority in his life is his family. Lindsay his wife of 11 years, 12 year old Malachi, 7 Year old Titus, and 4 year old Moses. Ben enjoys lazy days at home playing legos and matchbox cars on the living room floor with his boys as well as "date night" with Lindsay as many times as life allows.